This is the core city of this campaign and the starting point.

Tryn is the name of a town that grew up around a fort originally called Daggerkeep.

What was once Daggerkeep, is now the main "castle" of the town and sits on a small, windswept hill overlooking the sea.  Home of the recent King Regeant, James, and houses the majority of the garrison of troups and various courtiors of state.

The hill is crowned with the keep, and the tall buildings of the upper echelon of the citizens decend the hill towards the "poor" sections and the two ports.

The northern port is more exposed to the sea and where the larger trading ships can dock more easily for loading and unloading.
The southern port is protected from the worst the storms have to offer by being in a small inlet, this is where the local fish market is and where all of the fishing craft dock.  This area is considered the poorest section, and home to the town's small crime groups.

No official census has ever been taken, but there are roughly 17,000 inhabitants.  Roughly 10,000 humans, 6,000 halflings, 900 dwarves and gnomes, and 100 (or fewer) elves.

Notable figures:
King Here James
Arwellas Findanye (Chief Advisor)
Munder Greyny (Commander)
Council of Elders

Known craftsment, merchents or other names that you are able to locate/communicate with:
Eulfheald (Blacksmith)
Aldhert (Innkeep)
Richye (Innkeep)
Hedlu (Misc goods merchant)

Rough measurements and counts:  (this is based off a Medieval demographic, no I will not name all of them)


The city of Tryn covers an area of approximately 280 acres, with a total population of 17 thousand people.

by Trade
Bakers 25 Buckle Makers 5 Doctors 10 Inns 8 Painters 9 Scabbardmakers 30 Weavers 33
Barbers 73 Butchers 10 Fishmongers 8 Jewelers 62 Pastrycooks 29 Sculptors 12 Wine-sellers 28
Bathers 6 Carpenters 32 Furriers 30 Locksmiths 7 Plasterers 7 Shoemakers 59 Woodcarvers 9
Beer-sellers 16 Chandlers 20 Glovemakers 6 Magic Shops 6 Pursemakers 13 Spice Merchants 13 Woodsellers 9
Blacksmiths 12 Chicken Butchers 20 Harness-makers 5 Maidservants 27 Roofers 11 Tailors 83    
Bleachers 10 Coopers 13 Hatmakers 8 Masons 52 Ropemakers 7 Tanners 11    
Bookbinders 5 Copyists 10 Hay Merchants 5 Mercers 38 Rugmakers 3 Taverns 25    
Booksellers 3 Cutlers 5 Illuminators 2 Old Clothes 51 Saddlers 17 Watercarriers 16    
Other The city has 35 noble houses. The peace is kept by 148 guardsmen, and there are 23 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 537 clergymen and 12 priests.


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