Aldhert is an old, heavy set man who tends to a poor tavern right next to the southern dock named The Wanton King.

The tavern does brisk business, and is rarely empty.  Fishermen and dock laborers keep the place pretty busy at all hours of the day and evening.  However, even being so busy so often, the fishermen and laborers do not have much money, and there is little headway to be made with the old tavern needing constant repairs.  The building is ever in a state of disrepair,  and most mornings you can find old Aldhert directing his sons in replacing old windows, fixing holes in the roof, or replacing decaying wood in the walls.  If it weren't for the magically treated support beams, old Aldhert would be out of a house and business.

There are no rooms to rent.  The Inn is 1 story, roughly 12 feet high ceiling which is well shadowed.  There are 2 bars set on the left and right sides of the entrance,  with a large open section dotted with tables of 4 and 8 chairs.  There is a small, raised floor in the back left corner which is where the bard, band or dancer would perform.  And a door in the back right with a sign indicating 'NO Entry', and is locked and bolted.

Standard menu:

  1. Buckwheat Porridge, Mug of Cider (3 cp)
  2. Wheat Biscuits and Curd Cheese, Mug of Cider (5 cp)
  3. Boiled Asparagus, Mug of Aldhart Ale(2 cp)
  4. Buckwheat Bread and Soft Cheese, Mug of Aldhart Ale(5 cp)
  5. Charcoal Pheasant and Radish, Hand of Aldhart's Dragonheart Whiskey (1 sp)

Drink only list (served room temperature, small squares of hard tact on the bars):

  1. Mug of Cider (2 cp)
  2. Mug of Aldhart Ale (2 cp)
  3. Finger of Aldhart's Dragonheart Whiskey (10 cp | 20 cp served with everice)
  4. Hand of Aldhart's Dragonheart Whiskey (50 cp | 60 cp served with everice) 


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